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100% Natural & Pet-Friendly Formulation - Because Wahl understands the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals and their ill effects, all of our shampoos are pH Balanced, Paraben & Alcohol-Free.

Cleans, refreshes, and deodorizes
Coats That Smell

The formulation that is hypoallergenic

Eucalyptus Oils are well known for their medical benefits and uses in well-being; their inclusion in our shampoo indicates that it is healthful, safe, and harmless for use during pet bathing on a regular basis.

They help you attain a healthier skin pH balance because they include Spearmint Essential Oil.
It deep cleans and deodorizes the coat of your pet while conditioning the skin.

Odor Control Mixture - Made with eucalyptus and spearmint, this purifying formula is perfect for deodorizing and cleaning unclean dull fur from long to short coats.

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